Adam Bobrowski

profesor doktor habilitowany 
profesor zwyczajny 
(81) 53 84 117 
analiza funkcjonalna, zastosowania matematyki 
stochastyczne modele w biologii 

My back­gro­und is in func­tio­nal ana­ly­sis and sto­cha­stic pro­ces­ses. My inte­re­sts in these fields were sha­ped by pro­fes­sors Tade­usz Leżan­ski and Andrzej Lasota. After gra­du­ation from Maria Curie Skło­dow­ska Uni­ver­sity (with distinc­tion), I had a pri­vi­lege to study the the­ory of semi­gro­ups of ope­ra­tors under pro­fes­sor Jan Kisyń­ski, who also was my PhD advi­sor. My inte­rest in pro­blems of conver­gence of semi­gro­ups of ope­ra­tors and gene­ra­li­za­tions of the Hille-Yosida the­orem to non-densely defi­ned ope­ra­tors (a the­ory invo­lving inte­gra­ted and regu­la­ri­zed semi­gro­ups, and inver­ting of the Laplace trans­form for vector-valued func­tions) have grown out of my col­la­bo­ra­tion with him.
In 1997 I moved to Houston, TX where I was affi­lia­ted with Rice Uni­ver­sity, Uni­ver­sity of Texas (Medi­cal Cen­ter) and Uni­ver­sity of Houston. It is there that I became inte­re­sted in pro­blems of mathe­ma­ti­cal mode­ling in bio­logy. In par­ti­cu­lar, I wor­ked with pro­fes­sors Marek Kim­mel and Rana­jit Cha­kra­borty, on models invo­lving gene­tic drift or, vie­wed bac­kwards, Kingman’s coale­scence. In 2002 I retur­ned to Lublin, Poland and to Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity I have been affi­lia­ted with since 1988.

Cur­ren­tly, I am mostly inte­re­sted in apply­ing the the­ory of semi­gro­ups of ope­ra­tors in model­ling bio­lo­gi­cal phe­no­mena, espe­cially those of sto­cha­stic type. I am par­ti­cu­larly ple­ased if such model­ling invo­lves inte­re­sting boun­dary conditions.

A list of my papers may be found
here (Google Scho­lar)
and there (Rese­arch Gate)
(almost) eve­ry­where (MathSciNet)

1. Trans­la­tion of J.F.C Kingman’s
“Pois­son Pro­ces­ses” into Polish, Wydaw­nic­two PWN: War­saw 2001. Can be bought for exam­ple here.

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mathe­ma­ti­cal bio­logy and else­where.” Cam­bridge Uni­ver­sity Press 2016. See e.g. here, or here. Or even at Walmart!